Huddleston Pond now much improved

Tue, 08/05/2008 - 3:13pm
By: Letters to the ...

I am writing to express by appreciation first for the great improvements to the Huddleston Pond area in Peachtree City and secondly for the specific improvements to the golf cart paths for this same area.

The stormwater tax imposed by Peachtree City has brought improvements almost to my back door.

Who likes a new tax? For my neighborhood this tax has been a boom. The improvements to the pond are wonderful.

There is a new and greatly improved pier. New exercise equipment has been installed. The old path, which was good in its own right with woods and shade, is now wide open cresting the new dam. It is wider, well-lit, as is the entire path circling the pond and spacious with no over-hanging branches and the inevitable spider’s web in the face. There is a gentle slope at both ends of the dam.

Although the entire path is no longer flat, this could not be avoided due to the requirements imposed by the federal regulations. These codes make the dam stronger and safer.

The previous wooded path had its advantages, but the new path atop the dam is like a prominent skyway. My daughter takes my grandchildren to the newly constructed and fenced playground. She was there one day when city workers were working.

She asked if a bench could be installed so parents could sit while watching their children played. She related to me the worker said they would look into installing a bench. It is not there yet, but I was impressed with their responsiveness to a citizen’s request.

I drove by the pond when the cart path crew was busy paving. I stopped to tell them how much I appreciated the improvements and told them about an annoying bump on the pond side of the tunnel under Bridlepath. This was very trivial in light of the tremendous maintenance demands the entire cart path system places on the over-taxed cart path maintenance crew.

The worker listened. The crew had already corrected this minor problem, as well as resurfaced and widened the path leading from the tunnel to Huddleston Pond. Wow!

All we need now is enough rain to fill the pond. Thank you, city, and a big thank you to all the workers who have done a terrific job.

Ron Plauche

Peachtree City, Ga.

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