Intersection holds dangers for school

Tue, 07/29/2008 - 3:26pm
By: Letters to the ...

As it appears, Inman Elementary School is scheduled to open in a few weeks.

May I ask what is going to be done about the intersection of Ga. Highway 92 and Inman Road/Goza Road?

It is difficult to negotiate any kind of turn in or out of Goza Road or Inman Road on a normal day, and I hate to think what the situation will become when parents are turning into and out of Inman Road to access the school.

I certainly hope the county is not planning to wait until the road work on Hwy. 92 reaches that far south before a light is put up. I feel sure by that time someone will have been killed at that intersection.

Of course, if the DOT can’t come up with a plan any better than the one they have constructed at the intersection of County Line Road and McDonough Road or the one at Ga. Highway 85 at Ellis Road, we are just out of luck.

These two intersections, along with several others in Fayetteville, are absolutely hazardous. If you are turning left you cannot see oncoming traffic if there is a car in the turn lane coming from the other direction.

Where do these traffic engineers come from and who monitors this construction in Fayette County? Are we spending our tax dollars creating danger zones?

And, you have to love the merge lane going south on Hwy. 92. The two lanes merge left to right instead of the normal right to left merge. This throws any traffic unable to merge into the oncoming traffic coming north on Hwy. 92 instead of onto the shoulder of the road. Duh!

Pay attention, people.

D.H. Shaw

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