Coming up!

A drive-in movie for golf carts with a gym on one end of the field.
An ise rank has also been added to the plan on the other end of the field.
Won't be air conditioned at first but will be later with a floated bond.
Temporarily wheels will be added to the skates until we get the air.
Hope you will vote yes on the proposal and also at the bond issue of 20 million. That is only about 30-40 dollars per household for 60 years. By that time we will need three more bonds floated to keep it maintained and repaired.
As long as it keeps the cash flowing from the tax fund, everything will be alright.
Real jobs are hard to come up with.....conning is all we got left.
Workers in Scandanavia contribute 65% of their wages for taxes.. we only do about 30%. Time we caught up.

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