Local Taxes

After many score years this Newspaper has printed just exactly what is happening with our taxes for next year.
Instead of printing exactly what was given to them by the Tax people, The Citizen sorted it and gave us a net number!
We will have an increase of our local tax---period.
In the past, the zero increase in the millage would have been released by the tax people....then maybe later, several pages of explaining an increase in the assessed rate, plus the new construction of retail, etc.
It would have been more seemly however, if a net decrease had been considered. Our homes are worth less now, obviously, more of us are unemployed (except for Civil Service) and wages are down due to some taking what jobs they can get.
However, we will consider ice rinks on credit, high school tax INCREASES AND SALES TAXES, and anything else we can get on credit---our problem now!

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