Siblings make it to ‘Nashville Star’ finals

Tue, 07/22/2008 - 3:38pm
By: The Citizen

Siblings make it to ‘Nashville Star’ finals

A trio of local siblings have chased their dreams to becoming Nashville’s next big star. Tonya Anderson, Dan Daniel and Meloni Thompson known as Crystal Drive tried out for NBC’s country version of “American Idol” – “Nashville Star.”

The siblings submitted an application online and submitted a video without knowing what to expect. A casting agent called and said that she liked the trio and asked if they could audition in Charlotte, N.C.

Once in Charlotte, the members of Crystal Drive stood in the freezing cold weather with thousands of others and auditioned for “Nashville Star.”

 ”We really didn’t think we would get put through to the next round and we did,” recalled Anderson of the experience. “They only selected us from our group. We were so excited.”

At the second auditions the casting crew said they would call the trio back if they liked them. Not believing they would get called back again, they were surprised when they did get that call.

“We were asked to come to Nashville to the Gaylord Opry Hotel,” said Anderson. “We were so excited and were asked to sing in a closed audition with about 15 people in the room, four cameras and a big ‘Nashville Star’ backdrop. We felt we did our best. We sang ‘I’ve been Cheated’ by Linda Ronstadt and our original ‘Watering Hole.’”

A short clip from the audition was aired on “Nashville Star” on Monday, June 9 on NBC.

After the auditions in Nashville the trio didn’t receive another call back, but they plan to try again in the future. “Our hopes are still high,” assured Anderson. “One thing we gained from this experience is you have to have perseverance and passion and to never give up on your dreams no matter what. We felt we did our best and we feel there is more to come from Crystal Drive Trio!”

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