New parents receive saving grace from in-home nurse consult

Tue, 07/22/2008 - 3:25pm
By: The Citizen

Are you a new parent? Do you know a new parent? Then you must know about the chaos, sleep deprivation and exhaustion of day-to-day living with a newborn. Now, there’s help.

Becky Lake, an RN at Piedmont Hospital with seven years of experience, has helped to bring back a new era in healthcare. Lake has re-invented the “house call” by catering to new parents and teaching basic infant care right in their own home. She has been trained by “Moms on Call” as an independent consultant and has implemented these principles with her own infant son.

Lake’s consulting service, Mom 2 Mom Consulting, will educate parents and instill confidence that may be lacking during those first few weeks with a new baby. The areas that are addressed during her consultation include but are not limited to:

- Feeding issues of all varieties;

- sleeping and napping;

- bathing;

- trimming tiny nails;

- suctioning the nose;

- taking temperatures;

- getting baby on a schedule personalized to the families needs;

- a swaddle blanket and proper swaddling technique;

- the “moms on call” book with instructional dvd; and

- six months of follow-up with Becky Lake.

If you have ever met a mom and/or dad who has used Mom 2 Mom Consulting, you have likely met a confident and equipped parent. Infant care consulting is the wave of the future and helps parents navigate the first months of baby's life without feeling exhausted or totally overwhelmed. 

“If I can help keep one parent from being as lost and overwhelmed as I was, I’ll consider myself successful,” said Lake. You can reach Lake by visiting her website, or by email at

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