Makin since!

Whut wood be happenin on hyar fer so much nonsenceical stuf to be ponticatin?
seams tuh me thet centence shood mak sum sense afore the end hapens but meby the goats ate hit.
sum air threten ithers lots wif "show me the muney" stuf!
tel me whut ye no afore i tel ye whut i may er maynot no. i no nooothhhing!
my golfe cartewuz recked other day by kids a speedin. i got distract by them gigglin and hit a tree. i even writ sum graffics on thu tunel wall afore i knew whut i wuz doin.
cops haf invent a helofacopter golf cart fer surveyin the path---it will git a lot more ofenders. calls em in and cop runners go after the ofenders.
peeple seme tuh be stealin muney frum the public til: they ar wel dresed, bald, white and tenured.Others rob bankes and retale whaut wif stockins over a black head, i think.
Firs thang ye no peeple wil be stealin the copper ware frum all these empty stor bildings. already doin it on houses.
i do hop im makin as much since as sum hyar. i want to hep.

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