Gosh darn campaign sign still everywhere... < SCREAMING

I’m calling you out: Dunn – Furman – Ballard – Hayes – Horgan – Kourajian - Wells -----

Why is it when elections start it appears to me that the candidates that are running for office seam so interested in what is "Best for the County". Yet they are too lazy to get out and clean up their own trash... Aka campaign signs. Very few candidates running for office got their trash up after the election. I drove about this weekend and could not believe the number of trash signs still mindlessly stuck in the mud waiting for a hand to excavate them. Heck, even if you win or lose don’t you have the responsibility to get back out there and collect your trash. I realize that some of the sign will stay up for the run-offs, but the rest of you that won or lost should put on an orange vest and do a little community service and help keep our little county beautiful.


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