Red South Bell Room & friends

Sune well start up "The Blue Scarlett Oaks Bar," and sum Food Sarved Place. Wangs bye thu tub, drown in soce uf thu hog.
Meeny names war conncidered fer thu place but "Blue Scarlett" won-oute!

Well be a providin a rume fer thu baby-sittin to, also. Thicke mats fer late sleepin included. snacks sich as chips, cool-ade, candy canes, and jerkie fer em.

We aint gonna be response fer yer drivin home neither, though. But we will escorte yu tuh yore vehicle---assurin no attack on thu way thar.

We are expectin sume high-falutin peeple thar so if ye don no howe to act wif sich peeple---larn quick.

We don not descriminite ginst no race horse, fall color, relegion or not, but resarve thu rite to throe one out fer actin snotty!

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