Cones of Silence

On an old TV show agent Don Adams and Agent 99, and their boss, used the "cones of silence when they wanted to talk without anyone hearing them!
The only problem was that they used two cones, one for each person, and then they couldn't hear each other either! The inventor made two separate small cones instead of one big one---a cost reduction!

We have begun the walls of silence along highway 74 it appears. If you had asked me 25 years ago if I thought PTC would need walls of silence right through main street (if we had one)it would have been really comical.

Isn't a planned community for people supposed to route such 16 lane roads around town instead of through town and by homes?

I realize that developers would prefer to develop homes and stores in town due to the sales value, but we had a planned community here---didn't we?

Am I saying that we deliberately built a noisy road through town for the benefit of developers instead of people?
Why, who would do such a devious thing?

From city limits East to city limits West, and from city limits South to city limits North---and beyond, we will soon have River Valley, USA. (But with no river.)

Many millionaires have been made however and with the best of intentions. We let them do it so we are at fault. How did that happen?

By our votes!

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