Coweta race results in

Tue, 07/15/2008 - 10:09pm
By: Ben Nelms

Nearly all the votes are counted in the Coweta County elections and with 28 of 30 precincts reporting District 4 County Commission candidate Rodney Brooks, Solicitor-General incumbent Robert Stokely and Coroner candidate Ray Yeager, Jr. have won their races in the Republican primary.

Also victorious in Republican Public Service Commission seats were Doug Everett and Lauren McDonald.

And in the Democratic primary, U.S. Senate candidates Jim Martin and Vernon Jones will apparently face each other again in a run-off election while the Public Service Commission race saw Jim Powell take the night.

Brooks in the commission race defeated Gary DeGeorge, Jr. 63.46 percent to 36.54 percent.

Stokely bested Randy Coggin 61.98 percent to 38.02 in the Solicitor-General slot and Yeager in the Coroner contest received 65.63 percent of the vote compared to 34.37 percent received by Mike Hutson.

In the Democratic primary, U.S. Senate candidate Vernon Jones took 39.91 percent of the vote while Dale Cardwell garnered 21.66 percent. Also in the senate race, Jim Martin received 29.08 percent of the vote, Rand Knight took 6.68 percent and Josh Lanier took 2.67 percent.

And in the Public Service Commission races, Democrat Jim Powell bested Bob Indech 84.71 percent to 15.29 percent for the seat to succeed Angela Speir.

On the Republican side, Lauren McDonald, Jr. defeated Pam Davidson 54.14 percent to 45.86 percent in Speir’s seat. In Doug Everett’s seat, the incumbent defeated Rick Collum 61.43 percent to 38.57 percent.

The most recent vote count with 93.33 percent of precincts reporting showed 7,365 ballots cast out of 65,431 registered voters, an 11.26 percent turnout.

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