Help save Line Creek nature area, preserve our wildlife

Tue, 07/15/2008 - 3:10pm
By: Letters to the ...

My name is Matt Bednarick and I am 15 years old and my English tutor wanted me to write an op-ed.

Help save Line Creek. I read that somebody wanted to build another shopping center at the Line Creek nature area. What?

Why would we need another shopping center right across from another shopping complex? Aren’t there enough stores, restaurants, etc.?

I have lived in PTC for 14 years and have walked this trail many times. The nature and wildlife there are awesome. Now some big-wig in the construction department wants to purchase part of the trail to make a shopping center?

Just think of what that could do to the wildlife. If they start to clear the trees and start building, much of the animals and their homes will be destroyed. The rest will probably be scared off and the beauty of the area will be gone.

Already they have started cutting down trees and directing the flow of water to make a reservoir for drinking water. Already the wildlife has been affected and more habitats are being destroyed.

This is not the only killing of nature in the area. I also have stood by and watched many habitats being destroyed a most recent example, the new Target complex.

My friends and I had so many adventures there, building forts and biking through the woods, to name a few. Even though many complaints have been sent, they have all been ignored. Hey, Mr. Mayor, what about Article V11 Sec. 702, “Protecting the Natural Environment” of the PTC Code of Ordinances? Take a look at that and you will see that building stuff there doesn’t comply with the PTC code.

We can’t stand and watch habitats be destroyed again; we must do something. Please help our wildlife.

Matt Bednarick

Peachtree City, Ga.

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