Getting desperate

Bush will ask congress tomorrow for authority to bail out two government created banks who bought too many bad mortgages from crooked banks.
Of course Limberger, Hannity, and co., will say it was the poor dudes who applied for the bad loans who are at fault---not the banks!
Aren't banks supposed to check out and vett applications to see if there is a good chance the loans will be repaid? Isn't that banking regulations? Didn't everyone know, even me, that they were loaning ANYBODY what they wanted to promote the banks? Of course they all knew and didn't care.
And agin most of those crooks will leave with millions of tax money in their pocket (will be replaced with tax money).
Send the guy who stole a loaf of bread up for 10 years, but not bank crooks!
In addition, we are ready to start another war over oil.
Oh, we will call it something else but oil, but that is it!
Getting desperate!
I don't know just how much more we can borrow from China, etc., to keep going without a depression, but Bush is simply trying to get out of office now before complete break-down of our economy.

I don't even want to speculate as to what might happen if the far east decides we are vulnerable. Maybe Taiwan isn't so important after all?

Limbaugh argued just how much gravitas Bush had about 8 years ago! We just gave him a billion dollars!

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