Meeting for Rum and Coke and discourse

I suggest that many on here set up a meeting every other Friday night at the Red Room Bar and Saloon in PTC.

A cover charge for the R & C will be necessary, collected at our table, of $35, and will cover the first Five drinks for each person. Records will be kept by the DDs.

There will be NO substitutions for the R & C! Nothing like Pepsi mix for instance!
Everyone over 50 must sit at the end table if they are men. Women under 35 will sit with them.
All women over 50 will sit in the kitchen.
All men under 50 will have their head examined first, then assigned according to just what came!
All discourse must be about how great each other is and has been, in spite of the police records, work ethic, AA meetings missed, abandoned children (men and women), and moral turpitude missing.
A good time is to be had by all and everyone is to stay and close the joint.
It is guaranteed that no officers will be in the parking area to harass anyone staggering or driving off after knocking someone down.
To those of you who do not exist in reality (SB) you are of course excused.

I myself do not participate in such gatherings since I am fully aware that anything up to and including death will eventually happen.

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