Tyrone Guilty of Violating Open Meetings Act.

Dekalb County is under fire for voting in secret executive session just like Tyrone. The Atlanta Journal reported Saturday 7-12-08 that the GA. Open Meetings Act requires all votes by a public agency to be public. Dekalb Commissioners routinely hold secret votes on litigation, then say the lawyers said it was legal.

This is how Tyrone has duped its citizens for the past 12 years. The Council has voted secretly on numerous litigations this year and last year. As with Dekalb, Tyrone attorneys won’t comment nothing about the costs of each litigation.

Tyrone needs to hire a citizens’ lawyer to watch their government’s lawyer. What a mess our government has become. In Tyrone public funds were taken by employees and nothing is being done about it. Why is the new government protecting the old rotten government? I’ll bet it’s the lawyer’s decision.

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