Two sue Dexter!

If MLK had made it, I suspect that all of this money from the sale of his papers would not have existed.
Without him, the papers money has ruined his children since they apparently were raised to be dependent upon the legacy and not themselves.
The King in Santa Monica, CA, apparently spends more than he can make there and has caused his brother and sister to sue him for malfeasance.
Why he pretends to act surprised is a mystery---I can't picture that the Atlanta kids haven't been on his case for sometime!
I guess the surprise to him is that his bluffs didn't work and that they actually did sue their brother!
This is donated money that was used to salvage MLKs papers for posterity, and here we have kids fighting like cats and dogs over that money!
Is this another one of those "heritage"
things we hear about? Was the raising of those kids after MLKs death a farce?
Frankly, I think the best thing that they could have done when they became adults was to get a job (which they certainly could have) and forgot about any money that kept them from working and making it totally on their own.
We don't have nor need any form of royalty in the USA.

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