Odd, I think!

All I can see, hear or feel lately says that home foreclosures and those about to be foreclosed on are at record numbers in many places.
Yet, I see or hear nothing in Fayette County!
Used to be a lot of articles in the newspaper and on TV about how many new houses were sold last month, how many existing houses had been sold, etc.
I see noooothiiing, as Shultz said, now.
How do our local banks stand? Anyone know?
Conservative Phil Gramm said we were mentally retarded about us being in a recession! Of course, if I made the lobby money, etc., he and his wife makes, I wouldn't be in one either!
I'll bet Newt doesn't have a recession either! Nor that racist Senator from MS who now lobbies.
Why doesn't someone with the time and knowledge of how to check it do a story on our situation? Don't want to know, maybe?

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