Regarding the Sheriff's race and recent forum

I read with great interest what some of the candidates had to say. I was concerned that Mr. Hannah chose NOT to answer the question about crime in Fayette County. As "#2" man in the Sheriff's Department, wouldn't he KNOW?? Why refuse to answer the question?? GIVE me a break. We all want someone who is going to be straight forward and honest with us. I like adding the precinct that both Mindar and Babb want to implement. We need it! I was also happy to see the age issue brought up. The best person for the job should get it, and that means not looking at their age, but someone who can answer our questions, say YES or NO when needed, and make our county safer for everyone. Babb and Mindar are two great candidates, and I hope we get to see one of them elected as our new sheriff. Thank you. Leonard Tucker

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