Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

How many of you "conservatives" out there will object to the federals taking over the two subject companies to save the rear-ends of the stockholders of those companies? Also, if they go under with 5 trillion dollars worth of mortgages, then much else will also fail.
Come on now you guys, should the market be allowed to operate freely, or not?

The voters of this country are fed up with your hypocrisy about government interference! We fight major wars to save the price of oil and it quadruples instead; We ignore banks and they are very close to bankrupting themselves and us; we do all we can to stop the justice department from prosecuting useless lightning rod sales on Wall Street, and they rob half the treasure of the USA;
(con artists sold useless lightning rods to Kansas farmers, and others, once); we allow idiots to tap our communications without a judicial approval---and have yet to catch 3 terrorists with it; and we have stirred up the old, old rivalry with the Rabid Muslims who may be preparing for another Crusade against us. We haven't had a serious one since about 1200, or so.
Our tax money will eventually have to make up the difference in the interest rates favored to these two banks and what it should be, but worse than that are all of the suffering individuals will have to do so that business can proceed as usual.
I suppose China will loan us enough trillions again to bail them out---along with the trillions we already owe them and the Japanese and the Arabs.

Fire up a war to resolve all this "conservative" crap just as we usually do. Of course everything will be even worse when the war is concluded, just as is the Iraq war. We will soon declare victory there and watch them kill each other again.
We ain't never going to get any profits out of their oil---they need it!

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