Sheriff’s race,

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Yes I have been and always will be one of the most critical people of the FCSO, but.

What people seem to forget is the fact that the employees of the FCSO are the ones who on a daily bases make this department the great department that it is. These are the individuals that are paying for this election. It’s hard trying to do your job but yet stay neutral and politically correct in an election year, what a tough position to be in.

Then you have someone on the blogs saying thing like the majority of the employees are for blab, blab, blab, and blab. (Who took these polls? Currently there are approximately 127 employees at the FCSO and approximately 92 employees working the Fayette County Jail. That is approximately a total of 219 employees Plus)

That is one good thing about being able to vote. When you vote, only you know who and how you really voted. Makes no difference who you said you would vote for, it’s who you did vote for, and only you know.

Let’s see now, what do most employees really want, a good work environment, some standard rules and regulations, a structure to give them a fair chance of advancement in their work place based on their performance. Leaders that they can follow and respect, look to for training, understanding and guidance. A fair completive WAGE and a good health benefits package for them and their families.

Need I really say more

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