Never learn any lessons!

Four people have drowned in just one of our Atlanta Lakes---all due to low water from the drought. Sharp drops-offs of water depth and sand bars showing are the causes. Multitudes of expensive boat motors and boats have been ruined by running into trash, etc.

Also, just today, two people were killed and six injured in a car crash on I-75 in town.
This was mostly caused by one wrecked car stopping, of course, everyone piles out in or near the road, or between the cars, a second rams the first killing those between, a third car rams the second, etc.
This exact tragedy has reoccurred over and over and over. We don't even teach driving anymore in school, much less this sort of thing! Get off the road and out away from the wrecks immediately!
To hell with shouting at everyone, demanding insurance cards, cussing, ranting and raving; don't kill yourself, the cops will take care of the paperwork crap.
We seem to want entanglements anymore or we would stay more out of the Buckhead bars all night, and now the
PTC "Red Room" it seems!
Now, as to the keeping of Lanier open: the Governor himself has been scared to death that he won't repay contributors such as developers, lawn mowers, etc, back for votes. Also trying to cover up the lack of water reserves that the state government has ignored forever!
Maybe all those fishermen he invited to fish in Georgia will come next year!
Another dumbass thing recently: turning lawn watering, etc., loose again with the lake lower than it ever has been in a NO RAIN season!
The government would rather face us all at once with a complete shut-down and rationing when all water is depleted, blame God for it, than ration it now seriously!

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