Now that China wants oil

it won't matter just how much we stop using it, they will buy what is left and keep that price right up there!
Russia has a lot of oil. Why don't we make a deal with them for some already refined? Wouldn't hurt to also be dependent upon Russia!
Where on earth does China get so much money to buy all of the oil? Did they hedge sometime ago for a zillion hectares of it? They get a lot of our dollars but those aren't worth nearly as much as they used to be due to our debts.
McCain plans to put a bill in congress to built 50-75 atomic energy plants and if he can get them built in a year or two we could stop buying some oil ----wait a minute---building atomic plants takes like forever---and the cost of just one is outrageous!! We don't even know what it might cost! Yucca mountain storage isn't finished yet either for the waste. It could be sent to Mars however.
Obama doesn't understand atomic plants very well but his cohort Mr. Richardson does. He wants to build all of them on the Mexican border in New Mexico and simply flush the waste down the Rio Grande---thereby increasing the overall flow into Mexico that they have been wanting.
Looks like it may happen by either party.
But since it takes the equivalent of eternity to build atomic plants and refineries, and a doubling of our taxes, what are we to do for the next 30 years or so?
I'll just bet you that the defense department has contingency plans for just such a scenario! They did accurately predict how many soldiers it would take to win the Iraq war in a year or so! We just didn't do it.

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