Jim Wooten, columnist

Wooten had so many agitations in his column of today (Friday the 4th in AJC) that I must comment upon them.

Denver, Colorado according to him is wasting their time and money trying to stay clean and green. That may be true for the current live folks there, but their grand children will appreciate it!

He also advocates pistol or gun carrying for everyone who wants to carry one at Atlanta airport. Hasn't proposed yet that they be allowed through the security line.
I don't remember even one case where that would have been an advantage. However, I expect several would have been shot by now if they all had been packin! I have a couple of guns but they are in the closet, not caried outside or at the airport.

Smuckers bought Lilly White flour, a southern produced flour, and Wooten is concerned that they might change the taste. That just seems to me to be catering to his regular readers!

Next he thinks that the use of corn has caused the price of gasoline to be so expensive. Of course that has yet to have little effect on gas price, maybe .05 per gallon on a wild guess basis.
It has no effect upon the market price of oil.
Oil cost has doubled in a short period due to paper trading on futures, Arab cartels, and our own over-usage.

Next he wants us to drill, drill, drill for more here. That would have no effect on gas prices for 20 years! We don't even have any more refining capacity for a significant increase of oil volume? Oil companies have not seen fit to build anymore due to government regulations on pollution. In other words it is pressure on the government to stop those controls!
Anyway, what is the 50 year plan for oil? There isn't any and won't be. The market is working its magic to make the cost of oil usage even higher than now!
Why are they planning that? So that they can make a lot of money on what oil there is and to make coal and atomic energy feasible for not only the oil companies, but others, and without pollution controls!
These are devious people, and it is hard to understand why Wooten and Limbaugh and others propose such foolishness. It certainly has paid off recently for Limbaugh, hasn't it?
China is the briar patch now as it always has been. Let us not throw Br'er Rabbit into that patch.

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