The Arrogance of Power

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My wife and I took off last week for Hilton Head Island for a vacation (for her) and a few rounds of golf (for me). I had no way of knowing before hand that these past two weeks would be such fertile ground for insightful (hopefully) commentary.

I believe that it was Lord Acton who stated, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". We have certainly seen that in the arrogance displayed by the "majority" party, particularly on the state and local levels of government.

First, a story from Hilton Head Island.
The Island Packet Now it doesn't take Albert Einstein to figure out what sorts of children would be attending a day camp on Hilton Head Island during the tourist season. Apparently, the good folks at Sea Pines do not welcome "those people" any more. "We got ours and we are not sharing it with you, even with an outing for your children to enjoy Nature's splendor"

Second, consider the case of the county candidates "blowing off" this fine newspaper as it was doing its duty for the citizens and voters. As Cal so aptly wrote, this is a clear case of our local politicans disrespecting the voters (incidently, I believe that we still have to elect these officials, don't we?). As stated before here, isn't it time for the citizens/voters of Fayette County to take a serious look at the political parties and how they relate to those voters.

Lastly, (sorry for the chronological digression) there is the case of our own State School Superintendent. Apparently, she knew that there were problems with the math series and the CRT that was supposed to measure achievement. What was her response? Hey, we knew the first year results were going to be rough. Pay for summer school and maybe your student can be in ninth grade next year. Did anyone other than me hear in hushed undertones, "Suck it up! Things are tough all over, Charlie!"?

Do not get me wrong. There were times, during the LONG reign of the Democrats in our legislature/governor's mansion, when the stench of corruption was strong. I do not for a moment think that the current ruling party has a lock on such arrogant behavior. I WILL say that the solution to the problems that exist today is the same solution that worked in the past...a voter uprising and a massive display of dissatisfaction in the form of voting the rascals out. The only way to keep our government officials honest is to hold them to community standards of behavior. Time for the voters of Fayette County to exercise their elective function. Keep the faith.

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