Response by Mark Aasen, Fayette County Board of Education Post 3

Tue, 07/01/2008 - 5:33pm
By: Mark Aasen

[No photo provided.]

We received your questions for the school board candidates, but we are concerned about their tone and the context in which our answers will be used.

We are running a positive campaign and believe these questions are negative in nature.

The challengers will not disrespect the current members of the board.

Because these questions will only be posted online, we do not want to get into blogging wars — they are not productive.

If you would like to re-draft your questions in a positive manner, we will reconsider responding to them.

Mark Aasen (Post 3)
Dave Houston (Post 1)
Carol Jensen-Linton (Post 3)
Terri Smith (Post 2)
Janet Smola (Post 1)

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