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Tue, 07/01/2008 - 3:55pm
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As the election approaches we at the Fayette Law Group (also known as Kirby Palmer Farrell Nix) want to share with our fellow citizens of Fayette County why we will be voting for Ann Jackson for probate court judge on July 15.

As long-time Fayette residents, we know this race is important. As attorneys who have collectively worked in probate court matters or over 85 years, we are confident that Ann is the best candidate.

Most people do not realize that probate court is the court most likely to directly impact the lives of each and every Fayette County citizen. The probate court handles vital records, probates wills and appoints guardians, facilitates passport applications and issues gun permits and marriage licenses.

Because of the court’s impact on all of our lives it is important that the court runs efficiently from the first day of a new administration.

While we respect all three of the candidates running for probate judge, Ann Jackson is in our opinion, the most qualified candidate. She has the most knowledge and experience to run the probate court from her first day in office.

Ann is an attorney who has spent the majority of her legal career working in probate court. For the past six years, she has served as a judicial hearing officer, presiding over 500 probate cases. Ann is completely familiar with all aspects of running a probate court.

In her 25 years of service in the probate court, Ann has served as presiding judge, chief deputy clerk and court administrator. She has served as staff attorney and senior attorney in the largest county in the state of Georgia. Ann has also been supervisor to 35 employees in a court setting.

Ann Jackson was trained by one of the most renowned probate court judges in the state of Georgia, the Honorable Floyd E. Propst. Judge Propst is the author of the “Handbook for Probate Judges of Georgia,” which is the authoritative guide for attorneys and probate courts throughout the state of Georgia.

Ann Jackson is more than an excellent and well-respected attorney and judicial officer. She is attentive and responsive to the needs of individual. She consistently provides answers, complete with sound legal reasoning, compassion and wisdom. She applies the law as written.

At the same time, she seeks to safeguard the people’s trust by applying the law fairly. Ann Jackson does not lose sight of individuals by keeping in mind that they may have experienced the death of someone they loved.

Ann Jackson seeks this position so that she can serve her fellow citizens of Fayette County. Likewise, as citizens and people who work in our courts, we realize the opportunity to maintain and continue with the excellence of the Fayette County Probate Court. We believe Ann is the best candidate.

So, please join us in voting for Ann Jackson, probate judge, in the Republican Primary on July 15.

Mary Lynn Kirby

Bridgette M. Palmer

Victoria J. Farrell

John Arthur Nix

Fayetteville, Ga.

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