We have lost it!

Not a week goes by that several local businesses don't close up, Fayette County included. Large chain stores are not too far behind, I think. Even General Motors is suspected of going into bankruptcy.
In one word it could be said too much "credit" to the wrong people.
However, I see it as more than that.
Running a business, large or small, requires skills that do not exist now for the quantity of new retail being opened. Apparently banks also have either lost the skill to determine this, or want the volume so badly for bonuses, etc., that they are violating good business practices.

It is a good thing that we don't have very many factories to run any more because I don't know where we could get managers for them nowadays. Those qualified have now retired, gone into other professions or are thought of as too old to exist along side younger managers.

Never have I seen so many people opening up new businesses with absolutely no professional methods skills for the management of their new company. Some don't even understand P & L and Balance sheets, much less employing people correctly.
All many know is how to cook if a restaurant, or some particular sales items that they "LIKE."

And by all means run the business for you, not the customer! Put up all kind of signs indicating all of the things the customer may not do. They are privileged to be allowed to enter YOUR facility, they think!

Don't take several types of credit cards because they cost you 1-2% more than a VISA. Think that saves you more than the lost customers who like other cards? Well, you are wrong.

What we need are more good paying JOBS for many of these people---because they sure can't manage and the banks sure don't sort the wheat from the chaff anymore! All they want is volume so as to sell the bank to a chain for a big capital gain, and to eliminate the capital gain tax!

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