The enemy of my enemy!

What does a four-star general need to do to be called a victor and promoted in responsibility?
Petraeus will soon have all military in the Southern Hemisphere reporting to him.
Was this preordained long ago? Must have been. Not based upon results but on need.

To take a few months to sign up one of your enemies to help fight another of your enemies long enough to temporarily dampen violence--as the General has done upon instructions--is a sad situation. He has been rewarded and has left that command before it falters again, as was bargained.

Does anyone think we are leaving a government that will persist in Iraq?
The oil isn't even flowing well after so many years, much less schools all over the country flourishing, infrastructure isn't working on any good level (power, water, etc.).

Hospitals are few and shameful. Most intelligent Iraqis left the country and will not return.

They have no money---ours is used for world trade. We still pay for everything, including the army and civil servants. Graft is worse than it has ever been---and that is saying a lot in an Arab country!

We went in to save the oil from Saddam but now oil is three times the cost before we went in and heading upward. A complete and total failure.
We have been the cause of killing more innocent than did Saddam and his henchmen, including many thousand of our own (yes, many more are the same as dead with their injuries!),and to what result? Back to the 700s for them!

Even Afghanistan is now worse and Pakistan is no longer dependable as it was before this war.

We have deteriorated our wonderful soldiers, who would fight poison snakes upon request, where maybe next time they may not!

This administration as a whole had less brains in its midst from the beginning than any our country has ever survived!

Politics has near drowned our thinking.

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