DOW Chemical

A company that makes things chemically that all of us use, primarily indirectly through other companies, has again in two weeks raised their basic prices by 45%!
20% one week, and 25% the next!
Actually we don't buy very much that this doesn't effect in one way or another.

I sure am glad it doesn't effect the inflation rate however, as the administration says!
With inflation occurring at the same time as jobs and pay are decreasing, we are going to see some strange occurrences.

I hate to say it but every time we have these circumstances we start a war somewhere to cover up the problems---temporarily. The problem will still be there after the war. We won't call it an economic war however. It will be a war for democracy!

About one-half of our thinking population ignores all of these kinds of things until they are effected enormously, personally, and would reelect G. Bush again if he could run.
The other half try to point out the situation, but since the solution is also spending money, we ignore it also and blame it on the money being spent on the war!

Thinkers and planners to fend off disaster in the future, are scarce these days. We live in a "give me mine right now," society. I suppose that is the way we raised them and taught them in our sorry schools.

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