The Sandos Playacar Riviera: Mexican luxury for the whole family

Wed, 06/18/2008 - 9:20am
By: The Citizen

The Sandos Playacar Riviera: Mexican luxury for the whole family


(Editor’s note: Our kid movie reviewer Kevin took the week off from seeing a movie this week and opted to write a review of his vacation instead.)

The Sandos Playacar Riviera hotel is a wonderful place. It has great food (you have to try their shrimp), it’s right on the beach, and there is a soothing spa for after a long day at the beach. The rooms have a Jacuzzi bathtub and a balcony to look down from. There were many nice people there ready to help you if you got lost. The hotel also has shows including the search for the sexiest couple show, which we talked our parents into competing in when we thought they were going to be holding cute animal couples. (They weren’t very good at this competition.)

On the beach, there are sandbags being used like rocks to protect the coastline that you can climb on and jump from into the water. There are numerous pools near the hotel, including one where adults can chill down after an exciting day. About 40 minutes from the hotel, there is a theme park named Xel-Ha, where you can snorkel, jump off the Cliff of Courage, and eat at the thatch covered restaurant with birds in the yard. There are many animals including a monkey that can get its picture taken with you. There’s also a parrot and an iguana that do the same thing.

My favorite thing about this vacation was getting to go back to the beach, since I grew up on one for the first five years of my life. I would recommend everyone to take a trip down to the Sandos and have a great time.

P.S. from Kevin’s mom and dad: Kevin missed seeing a movie this week so we made him review our vacation. This was a great family friendly vacation resort. It was all-inclusive, had wonderful food and service, and there are many places to explore in the local area. We didn’t make it to the ruins but plan to the next time we go back. I can’t believe Kevin didn’t mention the teen club, which had pool tables and foosball, plus a video game room and ping pong. There’s also a kids club available. For more information you can see

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