PTC and Wieland: Where’s school site?

Tue, 06/17/2008 - 3:49pm
By: Letters to the ...

On the agenda for this June 19 is a request by John Wieland to lift the ban on multi-family housing on his 89 acres in the West Village.

If lifted, he plans to propose an additional 344 homes, a mixture of townhomes and condos, in addition to the already approved 375 single-family homes across the street in the new Wilksmoor, recently annexed into the city. This brings the grand total to 719 West Village homes with school-aged children.

Looking at this current plan, I do not see a school site. Where are all of these families going to send their kids to school?

After the recent redistricting nightmare this past year, the Peachtree City Council should be wary of the outcome should a school site not be required in the West Village, and 719 families with children are added into our schools.

Upon speaking with [Fayette School Superintendent] Dr. [John] DeCotis on the matter, he has asked for 50 acres in the West Village for a middle school and an elementary school.

It is my view that the moratorium not be lifted until these 50 acres are donated. In doing so you are ensuring that the only children affected by the next redistricting in 7-10 years will be those that live within the West Village, as it should be.

FCBOE has asked for what will be needed for the future of our school district, and they have asked for land in the heart of where the growth will be.

Council, if you allow the growth, you must mandate the school site in conjunction. If you do not negotiate a middle school and an elementary for the West Village, you are forcing a displacement of our current students to different schools, and potentially to schools outside of their town.

Please act responsibly here. It is part of your job to encourage growth while minimizing its impact on the current population. I am holding you to it.

If anyone wants to email their comments on the subject to council before June 19, email, and/or attend the meeting Thursday night and voice your viewpoint in person. The time to act is now.

Beth Pullias

Peachtree City, Ga.

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