Kourajian lays out platform for county Post 3

Tue, 06/17/2008 - 3:43pm
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[Editor’s note: The following was received from Fayette County Commission candidate Stuart Kourajian.]

Republican Stuart Kourajian publicized his platform today for his run at the Fayette County Commissioner Post 3 position. Kourajian identified leadership and safety as two of his primary planks and also listed recreation improvements as a priority, specifically multi-purpose fields to accommodate additional sports such as lacrosse while still serving the core recreational needs of the county, and bicycle-only lanes on roads.

Kourajian said, “We are facing challenges as a community and need the right people in office to make the right decisions. Oil prices are influencing our county-wide projects, tax revenues are down, and water concerns are up. All of these have a direct impact on our daily lives.

“Candidates will talk about fiscal responsibility and maintaining our quality of life, but we must elect the person that has the ability to lead in these areas. We must elect someone who can examine the issues from all angles, determine appropriate alternatives, and make the right decision. Having faced those same challenges while serving as a Council member in Peachtree City, I believe that I am that person and I am asking for your support and vote.”

Kourajian’s plan for recreation improvements comes with creative ways to finance them. He said, “Recreation is a cornerstone of the Fayette County lifestyle. By identifying alternate ways to finance recreation projects such as public/private financing or local recreation partners such as the YMCA, we can create ideal facilities with less cost to the residents. Working together and pooling our resources allows us to jointly create facilities that everyone in the county can use.

“As for bicycle only lanes, we can identify appropriate routes and use SPLOST money to widen the roads to accommodate them. It may take a renewal of the SPLOST to get it accomplished, but the benefits could be substantial.”

Kourajian encourages all Fayette County citizens to support his bid on the 2008 Republican ballot for Fayette County Commissioner Post 3, stating, “Together we can keep Fayette County the way we want it to be.”

Visit Kourajian’s website at www.skourajian.com for more details.

Stuart Kourajian

Peachtree City, Ga.

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