We are trying our best here in the US now to mimic the Euro work ethic.
By that I don't necessarily mean those few who pretend to work longer hours than most. They do, in some instances, spend more time on the job---but produce little while at it.
We also don't yet take 3-4 weeks off all together in the summer. Even let our old folks die in non air-conditioned stuffy apartments with no hospitals staffed when they get sick. France did that not long ago!

What I mean is this: If you really want something, such as a service, from noon Friday until mid-morning Monday, you will likely be out of luck. It is even bad to check into a hospital during those critical times. Most everything grinds to a near halt. Some have nearly died waiting to get some tests done over the week-end. Better stay in the ER and not check into the hospital!

Also don't go to a professionals office during your lunch time because he or she will also be at lunch---along with the entire staff. Drug stores are no exception.

We didn't build this wonderful country working about four days out of seven each week. Also, there are many three days out of seven for long week-ends taken, vacations and sickness.

Cell phones and computers wreck productivity also. We like to fiddle with both for menial things. I actually see and hear people in say a grocery store talking to someone on the phone while browsing the shelves. Such conversations as: now I'm in cereals, and boy are there hundreds of them--what do you think I should buy? Next I'll go the canned goods and describe the shelving for you---please don't hang up--I'll die!

And for all this we want full insurance coverage, fully funded by the company 401.k, four weeks vacation, two weeks sick leave, casual dress, and never answer a phone---let the machine get it!

Of course if you work part-time, as many must do, you get none, or little of that. They don't like people like you very much. They don't blame their company very often, just you.

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