I am concerned about us. Never have I been aware of so many things going wrong from lack of planning.

Some of it is due to maybe I didn't even keep up with the news very much for parts of my life when things were somewhat bad.

I do have more time now to read, see, and hear of such terrible things.

Just consider the USA for now. We couldn't possibly do any justice to Africa, Asia, and the rest of the world.
1. It is amazing just how much we are dependent on foreign goods, especially oil. Tens of thousands of things we use are made from oil--not just gas.
2. Our wonderful military has worn out its equipment and its soldiers. Not sure we have a way to fix it quickly.
3. Inflation has begun in a real way. Not likely to stop due to oil, banks, and personal credit problems.
4. Owning a home will be a luxury again soon. It hasn't been but a year since our President was beagging about how many owned their own home now. He hadn't also heard of $4 gas in February of 2008!
5. And now, we have two candidates for President who neither party really wants. How did that happen? That portends trouble from all directions!

We tried to build a further empire on credit and no jobs, anyway that were very productive. It hasn't worked.
Devious schemes to make money are non-productive and temporary. Even banks have no integrity or morals any more. Why must they do this every 25-30 years?
We simply seem to have lost our desire to have leaders who look to the future---not tomorrow, alone!

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