Bo Diddley

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Bo (Who Do You Love?) Diddley died this past week. He was 79.

I heard a tribute to him on A Prairie Home Companion yesterday. The tune composed for him had the line "he put the rock in rock and roll."

Can you list the songs by other artists that use that signature Bo Diddley beat?

Clapton: "Willie and the Hand Jive" (Johnny Otistune).
U2: "Desire."
Allman Brothers Band: "No One to Run With"
The Dead?

What else? I know there's a lot.

A few years ago, my wife and I were on the train to the terminals at Hartsfield. I was standing next to an older black gentleman in a black felt hat. I looked down at his luggage, and it had "Bo Diddley" scrawled on it as if written by a kid. The name was next to a picture of Bo Diddley's box guitar. I thought, "Could it be? Naw!"

Later, I pulled up his picture on the internet. Sho nuff!

But I'll never pine for a Bo Diddley signature guitar.

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