A General involuntarily replaced

Along with a high ranking civilian.

The Air Force Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Air Force were "relieved" today.

I don't know what that means for the General, retirement, I suppose, but for the Secretary, he can go home now.

Since it near impossible for a battlefield commander (Army) to be replaced nowadays, then I suppose one can send a message by way of the Air Force!

I know some dupes flew a B-52 with some "dead" H-bombs on them across the US, but just look what has been overlooked for the last six years in the middle east?

Captains of ships used to flog the devil out of one seaman who had transgressed, requiring all hands to watch, to make a point to the rest.

In this case it is way too late.

Remember the treatment of our Vets who have been maimed and had their brain rattled (Hopkins), Transporters with no armor, poor Guard and Reserve Training--six years ago, and much more with little done about it to people.

I remember the condition of the troops just prior to December 1941--although I had to wait several years to hear of it.
No one was punished then either, but once the war started---people were fired at ALL ranks weekly.

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