Once loyal, always loyal?

Scott McClellan is getting pounded by Bushies for saying now what he thought happened while he was at the White House.

If there is one among you who thinks that when you hear the White House Press Secretary explain what the administration thinks about the subjects on which he is questioned, that he agrees with everything he says, is naive!

I know----moral people don't do that do they? Of course they do---in wholesale. Ever heard of lawyers?

These corporate CEOs and their henchmen,do you really think they spurt-out truths even at the expense of their salaries and bonuses? Oh sure! Haven't we seen all of the tobacco company CEOs testify under oath that their product was NOT addictive, when they had research that said it was---and in fact were adding additional addictive to tobacco!

The White House, especially, is filled with such people. Many are in the Congress also.

So, don't say he is lying now instead of then! Nobody knows!

This stupid loyalty thing only applies as long as the subject to which one is supposed to be loyal, is loyal.

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