New adoption fees coming to Fayette animal shelter

Wed, 06/04/2008 - 12:11pm
By: The Citizen

On July 1, 2008, the Fayette Animal Shelter will begin offering new services and will be implementing a new fee schedule. Throughout the past four years, the shelter has revamped many of its shelter and field services and increased standards to attempt to raise the rate of pet adoption. To reach this goal, the shelter has implemented a variety of physical upgrades and undergone many additional changes such as preventative health care plans, new ventilation solutions, cleaning protocols, isolation standards and other policies have all been enhanced in order to better assist the constant stream of homeless animals. Four years later, the shelter is proud to celebrate one of the highest adoption rates in the state, an outstanding 81 percent placement rate of adoptable animals.

Director Miguel Abi-hassan is proud of this accomplishment and credits his staff, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners, Fayette County Department of Public Safety and the unconditional support of the entire community. The ongoing battle against homeless pets continues however. Abi-hassan states that though shelter intakes dropped about five percent in the last four years, less than eight percent of the animals coming into the shelter are reclaimed by their owners. The fortunate eight percent often spend four or five days before being reclaimed. In order to expedite and increase the reclaim rate, the shelter plans on offering a microchip identification service with all their adoptable animals and making the service optional for parties reclaiming.

The new prices are as follows:
Dog Adoption - $30
Cat Adoption - $20
Kitten Adoption - $15
Puppy Adoption - $15
Reclaim Pet - $20/35
Kenneling - $3/10
Optional Microchipping - $15

To offset the expense of these changes and improvements, the shelter will revise their fee schedule effective July 1, 2008. This is the first revision of the shelter’s fee schedule in 30 years. Though an increase was inevitable, Abi-hassan believes that the new fee schedule is still considered to be among the most competitive in the sheltering industry.

In addition, the new fee schedule will also allow the shelter and its staff to continue to enhance quality sheltering practices for animals throughout Fayette County.

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