2 arrested for aggravated assault at F’ville apartment

Tue, 05/27/2008 - 4:36pm
By: Ben Nelms

A Fulton County man visiting Weatherly Walk apartments in Fayetteville May 24 was later admitted to Piedmont Fayette Hospital after being attacked by the two men who had brought him to the residence. Warrants are being issued for the apartment resident and another woman for withholding facts in the altercation.

Cory Ross, 29, of East Point, and 41-year-old College Park resident Andre Bell were charged with aggravated assault and obstructing an officer, said Fayetteville Police spokesman Steve Crawshaw. Ross was also charged with giving false statements, Crawshaw said.

Crawshaw said the 30-year-old victim arrived at the apartment with Ross and Bell. The three men were visiting apartment resident Michelle Mayfield-Blue and her acquaintance, Atlanta resident Michelle Henderson.

The victim later told officers that everyone was drinking and “hanging out” until Ross and Bell left to purchase more alcohol. The victim was instructed by Ross and Bell not to go outside while they were away, Crawshaw said. Upon their return, the women told Cory and Bell that the victim had gone outside on the back deck, at which point the two men began hitting, stomping and kicking the victim and beating him with a chair, said Crawshaw.

Officers arrived after a neighbor called 911 upon hearing the man screaming in a hallway, Crawshaw said. The victim was admitted to Piedmont Fayette Hospital with a possible dislocated shoulder, scrapes and lacerations, said Crawshaw.

Crawshaw said Ross and Bell initially denied any wrongdoing. Warrants for obstruction for Mayfield-Blue and Henderson are being issued due to their false statements in the incident, he said.

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