War is over (isn't it)

We won, didn't we? I hear that on FOX.

OK, since it is won, did we ever get all of the HUMVEES properly armored and enough of them built? If so, are they now so heavy for any other use we will simply give them to the Iraqi army?
We wiil have to! It would take 2-3 years to haul all that stuff back here that we have sent there in the last six years.
Those Big Old Gas Guzzlin Tanks and their refill tankers, are now worn out!
We can leave them also. (no spare parts however.)
The helicopters have been worn out for two years. Surely we won't bring them back?
Ans, at what point of trying to bring all that stuff back, if we did anyway, would the terrorists think: "well, now is the time to hit em again--they ain't got no stuff here now!
Remember to rapid running to the Embassy tower in Viet Nam to hang from a helicopter, and try to get to a ship?
We dumped most of our weapons there into the Pacific from ships---just as we did after WW2!
I'm sure though that we are currently re-building all that stuff for another desert war. Cept it might be in Alaska---who knows?
Surely not the Pentagon!

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