Senoia to ponder 4-year terms

Thu, 05/22/2008 - 3:07pm
By: John Munford

Senoia officials are once again eyeing a possible change in the length of terms served by City Council members.

This time, however, it’s being motivated by a conflict in the city’s charter with a new state law, explains City Administrator Richard Ferry.

The new law requires all county ballots to be ready by August 18 though municipalities are excluded from the requirement, Ferry said. But the Coweta County Elections Board handles Senoia’s elections, so the city at least needs to change its qualification dates from the current dates of August 25-27, Ferry said.

Senoia Council members serve two-year terms, with part of the five-member body coming up for election every year. One year just two council seats are up for election and the other year two council members and a mayor are elected.

Ferry said the city has discussed moving to four-year terms in the past, and he looks forward in the coming months to seeing if the current council will sign off on the venture.

Even if not, the election qualifying dates will still need to be changed, and Rep. Billy Horne’s assistance will be needed to amend the city’s charter in the Georgia legislature, Ferry said.

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