The Progressive Conundrum

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I got to thinking about how the Progressive/Populist wing of the Democratic Party has been struggling lately. I guess, in many ways, being a conservative is so much easier. There isn’t any of that pesky doubt about doing the right thing. Once you blur the line between right and wrong, it is pretty much anything goes. Don’t listen to polls, don’t read anything that contradicts your perceived notions. Stay the course.

Progressives, on the other hand, have the battle that always haunt visionaries. How do we make them see that this is the best course if we want to successfully exist as a nation {to mention nothing of as a species|? Since you also believe that the people should have a greater say in governing, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You have to follow the dictates of the electorate even if that sometimes takes you away from your own particular goal. Ultimately it is better to have more people informed and inquisitive about government than to have a few people who know how to manipulate the system,

But there is always that voice in the back of his head, telling the Progressive to go ahead and tell them what they are missing. It is like the golfer who hears the driver calling from the bag “Hit me, go on big boy, hit me”. That siren song calling you to Just tell me the answer and move on.

Now if he were a conservative, he would not have that problem. We do what we want, and the minute the people show any kind of interest, we fall back on patriotism and security. Behind that double curtain, they are free to operate out of the light of day, away from the eyes of the very people they are supposed to be listening to (Not listened in on}

The only point of solace to the Progressive is that such secret, oppressive governments eventually topple and the future dawns anew.

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