Right on Simpleton

Wow, Simpleton! Extremely well put. I can't even begin to imagine how it must feel to be this person (the rat) that felt it necessary to destroy a persons life. Do you think at that very moment he/she felt large, full of pride and excitement that they were able to cause destruction in another persons life? An animated cartoon comes to my mind. A character that grows from being very small to overshadowing cities, dwarfing the buildings and causing the people to become nothing more than specs and in its wake the buildings crash, killing the now little specs beneath her/him. Immediately following the destruction is loud, evil laughter that echoes through the now empty landscape. Typically, this is the behavior of one that can not live with their own inadequacies; so to feel better about themselves they must inflict pain on another. I wonder if afterwards there was even an ounce of shame or guilt felt by this person; or was it elation? Is this what a Christian is? Is living a Christian life being a person that would purposefully destroy a persons life and do it as casually as tossing a piece of paper in the garbage? I am not an educated person. But I know the smell of a rat when the aroma hits my nostrils and even so, I actually feel sorry for the rat because I can't even imagine having to live with myself for calling myself a Christian and purposefully hurting another person, well for that matter; and that persons family and doing it all without provocation. I too, have read Muddle's blogs and have come to the conclusion that this person is a bright star shining through the thick smog in this world. What ever happened to "freedom of speech" anyway? How is it, that a person of Muddle's stature, poise and grace was allowed to be crucified? It makes me think of the day of Aslans death and what it represented. Perhaps Muddle was the sacrificial lamb for which to invoke change and the person that perpetuated his crucifixion will suffer Aslans wrath, as did the white witch. I believe that Muddle is too good for that employer, as an employer that would be so terse, unforgiving and obtuse (and in the name of Christianity mind you) as to relieve Muddle of his position for such an absurd reason does not deserve Muddles presence.

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