The rest of the story to “WHAT REALLY HAPPENED”

I would like to introduce myself. I am the former Fayette County Sheriff's Department employee that Mindar decided to attacked and make, as usual, a false statement about. I did not write the first blog that stated all this but would like to thank who ever wrote this for pointing out, to the voters, Mindar’s true character.

I am not a blog reader and the only reason that I even knew this response was written by Mindar was because it was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who still works at the department.

Mindar, you really are not worth the time it took to write this but the voters need to know the complete truth about this story. My wife and I were on the way to the benefit ride for a dear friend. While south bound on GA 85 on the way to Big Daddy’s I noticed a vehicle coming up on us very fast. In fact, so fast that it blew my bike over in my lane. You passed us on a solid yellow line and cut back in to our lane too close. This was very irresponsible and unsafe. If you were truly on the way to an accident scene that required an emergency response, you are required to have your emergency lights activated. They were not!

Yes, I did pull up beside you at the lot but did not stare you down. But, the fact you feel I was staring at you tells me, it was you that was staring at me! In fact I pulled up to you and asked if you were going to a fire or something because you just blew me off the road. Your very unprofessional comment was, “That’s what happens when you fly by somebody”. I told you that you were an idiot for passing a motorcycle like that. You used some very foul and obscene language to a “voting” citizen, who by the way grew up in this county and know a lot of people who vote. On top of a citizen, it was in front of my wife who is a current employee of the department.

There were other people standing beside a camper trailer that you were standing by when I pulled up, so to say no one heard this exchange is false. As far as you bragging about putting me in my place by offering to settle this in the ring, you never said that directly to me, so if it were said by you, that was your attempt to bolster yourself as a “bad a**”. This is as big of a joke as you thinking you are qualified to be sheriff. You referred to me as the “hot head” and “bully”…you were the “professional” on duty, I was the citizen; is this how you treat those who dare to question your actions? As far as everything being fine after that while you were walking around, that is not true either. I did speak to other employees of the sheriff’s department and told them what had just happened and they all insisted that I file a formal complaint against you, but that is not me. We were at one time fellow officers and I don’t believe in that.

You said that you “did stand up for myself”. Let’s address that for a moment. My initial reaction to you was to ask if you were responding to an emergency situation when I asked if you were going to a fire. Your unprofessional response to me set the tone for the remainder of the conversation. It was not me that was the “bully”, you were the one on duty and responsible to answer my valid question as a citizen. This response should have been in a professional manner, as you were the one who had behaved irresponsibly and recklessly, and owed me an explanation for placing my wife and myself in danger. If you truly were responding to this wreck, then your answer should have reflected the truth. Instead, it accurately reflected your character in that it was aggressive and arrogant.

I could care less about you or your opinions, Mindar and can’t for the life of me understand why you waste your time using this blog to run your mouth. None of the other candidates lower their self to this but you do. I have nothing to gain by speaking my mind about you, Mindar. I chose to write this to inform the voters of this county what type of candidate you are.

Charles McCollum

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