PTC cat killed by arrow

Tue, 05/13/2008 - 3:36pm
By: John Munford

A Peachtree City woman is hopeful that someone will come forward with information leading to the person who shot and killed her kitten with an arrow last week. Her letter to the editor is on Page A5.

Corinne Harrington, who lives in a condo on Ridge View, is making an appeal with hard evidence in hand, specifically the green and black camouflaged arrow that killed Frick, her 1-year-old gray and white kitten.

Harrington said she found Frick, who bled to death, under a bush of her next-door neighbor’s home. Police declined to take the arrow as evidence but she had to remove it to bury him.

Harrington said she was “shocked” that someone would take the time and skill required to shoot Frick. She is asking anyone with information on the incident to call Peachtree City police.

The arrow was a practice arrow and not one with a razor tip, Harrington said, adding that it had green and yellow feathers.

The incident took place near Stevens Entry, Harrington said.

Harrington said Frick was a loving cat who enjoyed meeting new people, and though he would be outdoors while she was at work, she could count on him coming home the moment she did so he could come in for the night.

“I’d come home and he’d walk up,” jingling the bell on his collar, she said. “He was never that far.”

Harrington said her next door neighbor reported his cat missing a month ago and he now fears it too has been killed.

Harrington said she didn’t want to point fingers and assume any particular person did it, as it could easily have been an adult or a child. She said the shot went “clear through” Frick.

Meanwhile, Harrington is caring for a stray cat who trailed Frick home recently. That cat had a severe injury to its tail where the hair was stripped off, as if the cat had possibly been tied up or had a rubber band placed on it.

Harrington said she worried that Frick and the stray were indicators that someone in the area was abusing animals.

Harrington found Frick three days after his disappearance and choked up remembering how he must have died.

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