Commissioner sought raise from tax

Tue, 05/13/2008 - 3:13pm
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Remember when elected officials were supposed to be public servants? When people were more interested in doing what was right than in how much they could profit?

In March 2008, the current tax commissioner sent an email to the county manager asking that the Board of Commissioners allow him to start charging the cities for the collection of taxes within their jurisdiction.

According to his proposal, every city taxpayer would pay an additional $4 to $6 per parcel for collection of city taxes, a service the county already provides to the cities for free.

This small fee would result in an additional $110,000 in revenue in the county.

What would the citizens get for this additional cost? It would not result in his office providing more services. It would not result in extended hours. It would not result in more staff and shorter lines.

NO! His proposal was for the county to “split” that revenue with him in order to increase his existing $101,000 salary!

The beginning salary for tax commissioner was (and still is) approximately $72,000. With cost of living increases, longevity and pay increases, Mr. Wingo’s salary has, understandably, increased over the past 16 years.

But if $101,000 is not enough for this elected position, then how much IS enough? At what point does it become self-service rather than public service?

I have a long history of being a fiscal conservative and I believe it time to put public service back into public office. Elect Linda Wells your next tax commissioner.

Linda Wells

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