The dish on Mike from “Dishing With Mike”

Thu, 05/08/2008 - 3:26pm
By: Michael Boylan

Michael Hutcheson

If you are a subscriber to cable television through Newnan Utilities, you may have stumbled across a local cooking show on Channel 10 over the past two years. “Dishing With Mike,” hosted by Mike Hutcheson, a former executive chef in some very posh places, prides itself on showing local viewers “how to do fun food, fast.”

“The show has evolved over the past two years,” said Hutcheson. “We’ve always had guests, but now they help us cook and now we are doing more shows on location.” Recent episodes have seen Mike in the kitchens of places like 10 E. Washington in Newnan and Serenbe, as well as at the grill in his own backyard.

Hutcheson, 46, has been in the food industry since the age of 18. He was an executive chef for Anheuser Busch and then a sous chef at La Costa, a resort and spa in California, where he cooked for dignitaries such as Peter Ueberroth and the Olympic Committee during the 1984 Olympics as well as President Richard Nixon, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Merv Griffin and many others. Hutcheson is now in menu development for many national restaurant chains, creating flavors that can be tasted at dining establishments around the country.

Fans of the program “Dishing With Mike,” can thank Hutcheson’s wife, Mary Ellen. Newnan Utilities was looking for a local program to talk food and restaurants and Mary Ellen volunteered her husband, telling the channel representative, “He can be fun sometimes.” They shot a pilot and within two weeks it was on the air. The rest, as they say, is history.

Hutcheson states that food is his passion and anyone who has ever met him or watched his program can sense that. He enjoys discussing foods that are in season and presenting different, and often, easier ways to cook them. The show reaches thousands of viewers each week and Hutcheson credits the work of his wife and production coordinator Matt White for making the show look as goo as it does.

What separates “Dishing With Mike” from other food programs is that the show has a connection to the community. The guests are often discussing important things going on in Coweta County, such as citizens participating in the three day walk for breast cancer or why the local humane society needs support. Hutcheson also cares about the area when the cameras are off, supporting the culinary arts program at West Central Technical College and talking about culinary arts to students in area schools. He is also on the board of Cambridge House, a local adult day care center.

Still, food is at the center of the program and some upcoming episodes are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Hutcheson plans on doing a show about lamb, summer salads using some dark greens, and using the grill to cook dishes like pizza.

“It’s all about flavors,” said Hutcheson.

“Dishing With Mike” airs six days a week on Channel 10 on Newnan Utilities at a number of different times a day. For more information on the program or to see some of Hutcheson’s recipes and much more, visit

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