Plant Clinic

Wed, 05/07/2008 - 5:09pm
By: wbcptc
05/10/2008 - 10:00am
05/10/2008 - 2:00pm

Primary topics will be: Managing a water-wise landscape
Plant and turfgrass problem identification
Outdoor Water Use Registration Program

Managing a water-wise landscape:
Information on the following topics will be available:
How to make a rainbarrel (we will bring a demonstration barrel with us)
How to make a rain garden
Xeriscape design for a drought-tolerant landscape
Soil preparation and planting procedures (we will have soil testing bags available)
Turfgrass fertilization, water management, calendar for each turfgrass type
Low-maintenance plants, deer-tolerant plants, native plants

Plant and turfgrass problem identification:
We will do our best to identify problems with ornamentals, trees and turfgrass brought to the clinic by homeowners.

Outdoor Water Use Registration Program:
Governor Perdue relaxed the outdoor water restrictions for Georgia beginning April 1, 2008. The new water restrictions have been adopted by many local water providers in Fayette County. The City of Fayetteville and Peachtree City adopted the new more flexible outdoor water restrictions. Established landscapes may be hand watered for 25 minutes between 12:00 midnight and 10:00 am 3 days per week on the odd/even address schedule. Certification is NOT required for hand watering of established landscapes. Newly installed landscapes or individual plants may be watered for 30 days during a 10-week period on the 3-day per week odd/even schedule. Homeowners, landscape companies and others who want to install new landscapes, plants or turfgrass must register with the Outdoor Water Use Registration Program. Master Gardeners at the Plant Clinic will administer the program FREE and issue certificates to those who successfully complete the program. The program may also be taken online for a fee of $4.95 at

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