Student Finishes Fourth in State Geo Bee

Tue, 05/06/2008 - 3:24pm
By: The Citizen

Is most of Turkey’s land area located on the continent of Africa or Asia? Would a mesa or arroyo be more dangerous during a flash flood? If you are struggling with these answers, then eighth grader Jacob Nails might be able to help.

Jacob, a student at Rising Starr Middle, finished fourth in the Georgia National Geographic Geography Bee held in middle Georgia earlier this month.

He, along with fellow eighth grader Aaron Medlin of Fayette Middle, were among 100 of the state’s brightest students in grades 4-8 selected to participate in the competition. Their selection was based on their performance on a written test to determine their eligibility to compete at the state level. In order to take the written test, students must first win their individual school’s competition.

Elementary and middle schools throughout Fayette participated in the county level competition. Here are the school level winners: (Elementary) Braelinn, Sam Burgess, 5th; Brooks Breanna Burgett, 5th; Robert J Burch, Sammy Brown, 5th; Cleveland, Parker Nail, 4th; Crabapple Lane, Alexandra Fedor, 5th; East Fayette, Peter Shank, 5th; Huddleston, Sam Lyon, 4th; Kedron, John Hamlin, 4th; North Fayette, Evan Johnson, 4th; Oak Grove, Sam Ellis, 4th; Peachtree City, Angel Angelov, 4th; Peeples, Sean Kitchens, 5th; Sara Harp Minter, Brittany Burton, 4th; Spring Hill, Jabari Richards, 5th; Tyrone, Anthony Ross, 5th; (Middle) Bennett's Mill, Cara Martinez, 8th; Booth, Aaron Sunil, 6th; Fayette, Aaron Medlin, 8th; Flat Rock, Courtney Wills, 8th; Rising Starr, Jacob Nails, 8th and Whitewater, Drew Smith, 8th.

By the way, the answers to the questions at the beginning are Asia and arroyo.

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