Crude Oil prices

Anybody know how to explain the following:

When the price of oil goes up as reported on the trading market each day, soon thereafter the price of gasoline and diesel also go up.

All this has nothing to do with what, say, Exxon pays for the crude they refine, does it? Exxon also own much crude in the ground and at what is it priced?

Is this crap the oil companies put out about what makes up the cost of a gallon of gas fake numbers? What crude cost do they use?

If say Exxon were audited on their taxes, could we decide just how they valued everything? For instance, just how much profits do they have hidden to be used up later?

Does the current administration care? Are they afraid of the oil companies and what they might do if pressed?

Is all this the reason most countries in the world own or control oil supplies and can price it as they wish?

And, lastly, how will we refine more oil if we find any more---we have no refinery production time left, or so they tell us. If that is so and it takes years to build more refineries, what IS the immediate solution? Pay $6.00 per gallon, I think, and fight a couple of more wars over the same thing!

Some of us aren't blind and party faithful!

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